Entertain You!

"In a world where there are no interesting things, it is the heart that makes it interesting." This is a famous sayings created by Shinsaku Takasugi,a samurai who contributed significantly to the Meiji Restoration.
However, it does not always work out if only we could light up our daily life.
We want to create and deliver entertainment with such thoughts throughtout all the time.


Make “Waves” For Everyone.

"Inspiring creation!" That's LATEGRA.
Entertainment that enriches various aspects of life.
A chain of emotions that wells up through music and images,
illuminating a slice of the world.
You and someone else are connected by emotion,
and it returns to us like an echo.
It comes and goes, like a wave.


Let’s Groove.

Let's go with a positive vibe!
When feeling uncertain or worried...
let's liven up together.
With beloved live music and captivating performances
in cool visuals,
Open your heart, let yourself go,
and let the creators and audience resonate.
Bound together by the groove of "inspiration."
It feels great! It's the best!


Enjoy Your Work.

"Creating" is fun!
Apparently, Japanese manufacturing is a bit different.
There are peculiarities and stubbornness...
It seems there are some slightly odd aspects.
But that can actually be advantageous!
Being "the same?" or "seen it before" is boring.
However, the process of creating is challenging.
Yet, the pursuit of trial and error never stops.
Why is "creating" both a hassle and endearing?
Why did LATEGRA fall in love with 'creating'?
It's because we have fellows to work together.
And because there are people who receive what we created
and show us with their smiles and emotion in their hearts.


Act Before Thinking.

"Feel it and start moving!"
In ancient times, people wondered what lay beyond the endless sea.
They wanted to know so much that they set up a small sail and rowed out to sea.
What a foolish action is it!
What did they see beyond the wind, waves, and darkness?
I love such daring action.
It's all right! It must be fun!


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We LOVE to Challenge,
Create, and Change.
Join us to create an entertaining world!