• Entrance
  • 2 Changing Rooms
  • 30 VICON cameras are set
  • Green Screen/Black Screen are available
  • Stage (Side)
  • Stage (Front)
  • Spacious working space in front of the stage
  • Technical working area
  • Up to 8 actors
  • Live streaming is also available


A Motion Capture Studio that enjoys creation with cutting-edge technology.

Our motion capture techniques are used to create content. Various specialist staff provide comprehensive support, including green screen recording, 3D character motion recording, real-time transmission and streaming, and pre-production verification.


◆High-end real-time recording and live streaming
By using the self-developed camera tracking system ‘LATEGaiety’, live-action video and CG composition can be performed in real-time. It not only acquires motion data, but can also record in real-time, enabling efficient and speedy content production.
◆Recording and streaming of large scale XR live events
The studio has 30 VICONs, a capture area that can record up to 8 people, a spacious operation area and free space to accommodate a large number of people.
Case Studies
Case 1: Real-time recording of a Character’s AR live performance
Case 2: Real-time recording of VR live performances in the metaverse space
Case 3: Live streaming of real and virtual press conferences
Click here to see our past projects.


Availble areas
Width 12m × Length 5m × Height 2.5m
Simultaneous recording capacity
w/finger motion: max.4persons
w/o finger motion: max. 8persons
Camera systems
Vicon Vantage V16 (16 mega pixle) × 30 units
SHOGUN V1.5・Motion Builder 2018
Waiting room, Changing room (2 rooms)

  • ※Waiting rooms, Party space, Event space are also available as CROSS DOCK HARUMI facilities.Please feel free to contact us.
  • ・No exclusive parking space available. Please use nearby parking lots.
  • ・If carts are necessry to carry in equipments, an elevator is available for particular purpose.※pre-reservation neccessary
    Carry in elevator: width3.7m × length 1.88m × height 3m


One day (12:00-20:00 8hrs) ¥350,000(excluding tax)
Half day (12:00-16:00 4hrs) ¥200,000(excluding tax)
extension (1hrs) ¥50,000(excluding tax)
  • ※Motion Capture Shooting Operator fee and Post Processing fee will be estimated separately
  • ※we will hand the data by fbx, csv, c3d for on the date delivery
  • ※incase of midnight/early morning use, transportation, accomodation fee and late night/early morning fee will be charged


Invoice will be issued at the end of the month of the rental day.
Please make payments by the following month to the bank account mentioned on the invoice.
*Depending on the user’s actual usage and the details of the usage, we may require advance payment or partial advance payment of the usage fee by 3:00 p.m. seven business days in advance at our discretion. Additional fees will be invoiced at a later date.
*Please be noted that all bank transfer fee must be paid by the customer.
*Credit cards and cash payments are unavailable.

Resona Bank Akasaka branch(Saving) 1876505 LATEGRA, Inc.
Cancellation Policy
  • ・7 business days~2 business days prior: 50% of Studio rental fee as cancellation fee
  • ・1 business day prior: 80% of Studio rental fee as cancellation fee
  • ・On the appointed day: 100% of Studio rental fee as cancellation fee
  • ・In the event that we have made arrangements for equipment, a separate cancellation fee may be charged.


Inquiries for availablity, applications, etc. please contact from the following form.Person in charge will contact you.
Please provide the following information:Name, company/organization name, e-mail address, telephone number, desired date and time, purpose of use, etc.

  • *To maintain the quality of the motion recordings and other streaming/recordings pre-meetings will be mandatory.
  • *We will provide a quote based on the scope of your request.
  • *Please check the Terms of Use before using this service.