7 LATEGRA engines to create LIVE experience

“LIVE experience” is to feel the sense of heart moving,
heart beating, dancing excitements with your whole body.
To create and send out this LIVE experience,
we are developing our business with 7 factors.
Professionals of various fields and creators are gathered togther in each factor and the 7 factors form
“LATEGRA engines”.
The synergy created by each interacting complexly and comprehensively, we specialize in creating
products and phenonmenons at one stop.
LATEGRA engines will deliver the utmost
special LIVE experience to as many people as possible.

  1. 01


    We offer offline/online live and event planning, production, direction, and operation at one stop. Being free from common sense and rules, with our team’s “imagination”, “sense of planning”, “intelligence”, and “technical skills”, we can realize virtual lives utilizing forefront technologies of xR, online events for company PRs, and on site grand events.

    Business Field
    • ・Online Live streaming event(Live streaming, confrenece, PR event)
    • ・Virtual event (character live)
    • ・Conference, press conference, PR event, seminar, ceremony and festival etc.
    • ・Sales promotion event (pop-up, touch and try, on the street event, and hand out campaign
    • ・Video production
    • ・Direction of AR/VR/xR
  2. 02

    PROMOTIONDigital promotion

    We provide a one stop producing of digital communication’s planning, design, production and effect measurement through website and SNS.

    Business Field
    • ・Brand site, campaign site production
    • ・SNS promotion planning and operation
    • ・Ambassador/Influencer casting
    • ・Digital advertisement/operation
  3. 03

    CREATIVECG/video production

    We produce high quality CG and video such as virtual character models,
    motion capture, and various promotion videos,
    and event rendering videos.

    Business Field
    • ・CG rendering, direction, line produce
    • ・modeling, rigging, motion capture
    • ・pre visualization production
    • ・rendering, composit
    • ・motion capture data post-processing
  4. 04


    We provide live broadcasting and
    live streaming of various video graphics
    contents from 3D graphics such as AR, VR, MR
    to realtime motion captures.

    Business Field
    • ・AR/VR coordinate, produce, direction
    • ・camera tracking service
    • ・camera recording service
    • ・lense file service
    • ・VR lighting service


  5. 05

    DEVELOPMENTService development, Live3.0

    We provide service and contents planning, design,
    develop using forehand digital technics.
    Also as an inhouse business,
    we are developing “Live3.0 project” to push up entertainment to a new level and challenging to enhance the Live unique passion with new technologies and expressions.

    Business Field
    • ・Viirtual Popup Shop development
    • ・Live Commerce development
    • ・Smartphone application development

    Live3.0 Project

  6. 06


    Multifunctional large studio to incubate and send out new contents which can be used by various companies, groups and individuals.
    Our professional staffs will provide ideas and all-around support.

    Business Field
    • ・3D character motion recording
    • ・online streaming event
    • ・realttime in-out streaming live


  7. 07

    PRODUCTProduct planning and development

    Development, planning, and retail of original products.

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