Play Field
presented by LATEGRA

  1. XR LIVE

    The “LATEGRA engine” has five functions for outputting new LIVE experiences based on XR.
    The LATEGRA engine is a collection of experts and creators in their professional fields, working together in a complex and comprehensive manner to create synergies, and is characterised by its ability to provide a one-stop shop for creating things and making things happen.
    LATEGRA engine will deliver the best LIVE experience to as many people as possible.



  2. XR Communication

    Using the latest technology, we create next-generation types of communication that use avatars and 3D spaces.
    We work across virtual (WEB GL/AR/VR), digital (WEB/SNS) and real (events), so as to provide a one-stop production service from planning to development and operation.

    XR Communication

    XR Communication

  3. Space design

    We provide total production and support for all aspects of space design, including real and web spaces.
    Our aim is to create places that are emotional and leave something in people’s hearts, focusing on the LIVE feeling of mood, emotion and sensation, rather than something derived from a large amount of data or trends.

    Space design

    Space design

  4. Entertain



As a place where new content is born and spread,
this large multifunctional studio can be used by a variety of companies,
organizations, and individuals.


We LOVE to Challenge,
Create, and Change.
Join us to create an entertaining world!