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Notice of Privacy Mark acquisition

“LATEGRA Co., Ltd. was granted the Privacy Mark (P Mark) by the Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association(JIPDEC). We acquire the Privacy Mark (P Mark) because we are always working to strengthen our personal information management system to provide a safe and trustable trading environment for our customers. We will continue to promote the management and operation of personal information.

■Certification Overview
・Registered organization: LATEGRA Co., Ltd.
・Registration number: No. 17004171 (01)
・Validity period: 2 years from July 20, 2021
・Accreditation body: Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Society (JIPDEC)

■About Privacy Mark System
The privacy mark system evaluates businesses that have established a system to take appropriate protection measures for personal information in conformity with the Japanese Industrial Standards “JIS Q 15001 Personal Information Protection Management System-Requirements”. This is a system that grants a privacy mark to that effect and permits the use of the privacy mark in business activities “(*).

* Source: Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Society (JIPDEC) (


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