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LATEGRA CEO Yamagata gave a talk at XR Kaigi 2021 about the latest business situation in China and the future of live entertainment.

CEO Ryuji Yamagata spoke at XR Kaigi 2021, one of the largest VR/AR/MR conferences in Japan.If you missed it, please take a look at the archived streaming.
Archived streaming is available here.
● Title: “Escape from the Village – XR to “Evolve” Live Entertainment
● Table of Contents
 Part I: Introduction to LATEGRA
 Part II: The Latest Business Situation in China
 Part III: The Future of Live Entertainment
After 2020, live entertainment is undergoing a major change not only in the way it is enjoyed but also in the way it is entertaining. The value and satisfaction obtained from real experiences will be transformed into new value online through the remarkable development of XR technology, and those of us who have been engaged in manufacturing will be forced to break out of the village society of stereotypes (escape) and embark on a journey of “evolution” with an eye to the future. We will talk about the future of live entertainment, with our “answers” obtained through our business development in China.


LATEGRA office and XR studio was used as a filmi...



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