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Special Lecture at TOHO GAKUEN Media Training College’s Broadcasting Engineering Department

 On Saturday, November 25, Yukinori Watanabe, Producer of LATEGRA XR LIVE Production Department, gave a lecture on XR technology and real-time CG and conducted practical training using an AR camera to over 60 first-year students of TOHO GAKUEN Media Training College’s Broadcasting Engineering Department. Students commented, “I got a lot out of it,” “It was more interesting than I had imagined,” “From now on, I want to learn Unity as well as cameras,” and “It helped me choose a career path. ” LATEGRA members who participated in the lecture were stimulated and energized by everyone’s willingness to learn. Thank you very much for this valuable opportunity.  Based on this special lecture, we plan to invite the participants to LATEGRA’s XR STUDIO in January to experience motion capture.  We would like to share the experience and knowledge that LATEGRA has accumulated so far with students, who have so much potential. Dear school officials, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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