5 LATEGRA engines
to create
LIVE experience

The “LATEGRA engine” has five functions for outputting new LIVE experiences based on XR.
The LATEGRA engine is a collection of experts and creators in their professional fields,
working together in a complex and comprehensive manner to create synergies, and is characterised by its ability to provide a one-stop shop for creating things and making things happen.
LATEGRA engine will deliver the best LIVE experience to as many people as possible.

  1. 01

    PRODUCELive・Event produce

    We offer offline/online live and event planning, production, direction, and operation at one stop. Being free from common sense and rules, with our team’s “imagination”, “sense of planning”, “intelligence”, and “technical skills”, we can realize virtual lives utilizing forefront technologies of xR, online events for company PRs, and on site grand events.

    Business Field
    • ・Virtual event (character live)
    • ・Online Live streaming event(Live streaming, conference, PR event)
    • ・Conference, press conference, PR event, seminar, ceremony, festival, etc.
    • ・Sales promotion event (pop-up, touch and try, on the street event, and hand out campaign)
    • ・Video production
    • ・Live Application DevelopmentLIVE STRAPP
  2. 02

    CREATIVECG/video production

    We produce high quality CG and video such as virtual character models, motion capture, and various promotion videos, and event rendering videos.

    Business Field
    • ・CG rendering, direction, line produce
    • ・modeling, rigging, motion capture
    • ・pre visualization production
    • ・rendering, composit
    • ・motion capture data post-processing
  3. 03


    We provide live broadcasting and live streaming of various video graphics contents from 3D graphics such as AR, VR, MR to realtime motion captures.

    Business Field
    • ・AR/VR coordinate, produce, direction
    • ・camera tracking service
    • ・camera recording service
    • ・lense file service
    • ・VR lighting service


  4. 04


    Using Unity, which specialises in real-time rendering, as its main tool, the company develops motion capture, integration with new devices, camera tracking programming, etc., and creates live productions with shaders, effects and scripts.

    Business Field
    • ・Development of real-time 3D graphics systems
    • ・Character content development
    • ・AR/VR/XR LIVE production
    • ・Unity operations in real-live productions
  5. 05


    Multifunctional large studio to incubate and send out new contents which can be used by various companies, groups and individuals.
    Our professional staffs will provide ideas and all-around support.

    Business Field
    • ・3D character motion recording
    • ・online streaming event
    • ・realttime in-out streaming live

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As a place where new content is born and spread,
this large multifunctional studio can be used by a variety of companies,
organizations, and individuals.


We LOVE to Challenge,
Create, and Change.
Join us to create an entertaining world!